Dust to Dust (Team Nova) 2017

Sound Designer: I created and implemented the sound for Dust to Dust, a 2D platformer for PC developed by a team of graduate students. I used a combination of my own recordings and library sounds to create the desolate soundscape for Dust to Dust’s world. I recorded with Tascam DR-mkII and Rode NTG2 and edited in Pro Tools. I implemented all the sound through Unity.

A unique challenge with this project was figuring out what silence sounds like. The forest has been mostly destroyed in a fire and your character is the only one left that can bring life back to the forest. I used sounds that would communicate what’s missing from the forest while conveying a sense of loneliness and emptiness without leaving everything silent.

Chasing Dead (2020 Venture) 2016

Audio Designer: At 2020 Venture I used Unity 4 and 5 to implement sounds for Chasing Dead, a sci-fi horror first person shooter for Wii U, Steam, and PS4. Using the Unity Editor, I adjusted the overall mix of music, sound effects, background ambience and dialogue. I also added sound effects to game objects and cutscenes to create a more immersive environment.

Sleeping Valley (Redesign)

I was inspired after seeing Sleeping Valley's trailer to create a sound redesign. I recorded majority of the sound effects used in this redesign with my Tascam DR-mkII and Rode NTG2. I used Pro Tools to edit sound effects and create a diverse soundscape.